Meat Platter
These trays can generally be furnished without a lot of advance notice; a few hours is usually sufficient.

The amount of meat you need for your event? Don't worry, we can do all of the figuring for you!

All of our Deli Meats are available for your selection.

For Meat Trays (for sandwiches), Three Meats & Two cheeses are the optimum.
We arrange them in an attractive way, ready to serve at your event.
The common choices selected are Ham, Turkey, & Roast Beef White American, Swiss, (or Provolone).

We also make Cheese Platters for crackers.

Sub platters are also available.

Each platter is made with the items desired by the customer.

Meat Tray $8.00 per lb
Cheese Platters $9.00 per lb
Stop by or call us for Prices for your Meat Trays

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