Ice is supplied to the store by the Winola Ice Company. Both Blocks and Bags are carried.
The Bags of crushed ice are 6 pounds and the Blocks of ice are 10 pounds.
The price of $1.45 applies to either bags or blocks. 

For refrigeration use the blocks are a much better buy than the bags as they are 10 pounds rather than 6 pounds.
The blocks are getting harder to find than they used to be, and we are one of the few stores in the area that still stocks the blocks. 

Need to transport ice cream?
Put a bag of crushed ice in a cooler and sprinkle about a pound of salt on top of it.
The ice cream will transport for six hours or more satisfactorily that way.
We generally give it 24 hours in the freezer after transporting it so that it is again fully hard before use. 

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