Grocery & Bulk Food

Dutch Valley Distributors

Many of our grocery and bulk food items are from Dutch Valley Distributors in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. There is a weekly Dutch Valley delivery to the store. A discount is given for any Dutch Valley item ordered in case quantities. Information about Dutch Valley merchandise and products is available on their web site at

Many items such as sugar, various flours, spices, cereals, candies, nuts, dried fruits and snacks are delivered to the store by Dutch Valley. Most are bought in bulk and packaged in retail size quantities in the store. This enables prices to be kept reasonable in comparison to many commercially packaged products.


The Adirondack line of sodas is carried in the store.
Information on the Adirondack line can be found at
Kutztown Soda
The Kutztown line of soda is also carried. Information about these products can be found at These products come in 24 ounce bottles rather than the 20 ounce bottles many other products come in. They are very reasonably priced compared to other brands and the choice of flavors is varied.
Popular flavors carried are Sarsaparilla, Red Cream, Orange Cream, Root Beer, Birch Beer, Black Cherry, Grape, White Birch Beer and Diet Birch Beer.
These products differ from many other soda's in that sugar is used for sweetening instead of high fructose corn syrup.

Although the store is small by most standards, it is stocked such that local residents can shop locally for most food items and many other supplies without having to go to a distant super market. This enables them to save both travel time and travel expense. The nearest super market is over 15 miles away.

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