John F Martin & Sons
Following is a list of meats stocked.
They are from the John F. Martin Company in Stevens, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County).
Full case quantities are shown within parentheses in the list below.
Meats that are sliced to order are on the DELI MEATS page.
Additional meats are available by special order. Special orders need to be for full case quantities as Martin will no longer break cases.
Meat deliveries to the store are once a week and generally on Tuesday.
Orders need to be placed by Thursday.
There is a discount given on any meat item ordered by the case.
Quantities in a case vary by item. If case quantities are not posted on this web site, contact the store to find out case quantities.

Hickory Smoked Slab Bacon - Sliced in our store. Low Sodium Bacon - Vacuum Packed by Martin - one pound packages. (12 packages/case) Double Smoked Sliced Slab Bacon (2/4lbs per case) Smokehouse 61 Apple Wood Smoked Sliced Bacon (2/4lb per case)
Ham Portions Packaged by Martin - about two to four pounds each. (8 per case) Ham Slices Packaged by Martin - 5/8 inches thick - one per package - about one pound each. (6/Case)

Ground Round - one pound packages - fresh and/or frozen. (24/Case) Ground Chuck - three pound roll - fresh and/or frozen. (12/Case)

Kielbassi - Packaged by Martin - Packages vary but are about one pound each. (10/Case) Jimmy Dean Pork Sausages Links –frozen Emlers Sausage Patties -frozen

Regular Hot Dogs - Packed by Martin in one pound packages - 8 to a package. (12/Case) All Beef Franks - Packed by Martin in one pound packages - 8 to a package. (12/Case)

Seltzers Beef Sticks - 1.25 pound packages. (8/Case)

Garlic Ring Bologna - one pound package. (6/Case)

Scrapple - Packed by Martin in one pound packages. (12/Case)

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