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John F Martin & Sons

Thumann's Deli Products


The following John F. Martin deli meats are carried.
John F Martin & Sons
Meats are sliced to order, until 4:45pm.

Bacon - pre-sliced or sliced the way you want it
Martin's Lebanon Bologna
Case Quantity 2/10LB
Martin's Sweet Lebanon Bologna
Case Quantity 2/10LB
German Brand Bologna
Case Quantity 2/5LB
Boneless Smoked Natural Juice Ham
Black Forest Honey Ham
Cooked Ham
Capicola Ham
Virginia Ham ("Jersey Made")
White Turkey Breast
Smoked Turkey Breast
Golden Roasted Turkey Breast
Oil Braised Turkey
Thumann's Oven Baked (in Store) Turkey
Martin's Roast Beef
Martin's Cooked Corn Beef
Dry Beef
Martin's Premium Rare Roast Beef
Olive Loaf
Pickle & Pimento Loaf
Cooked Salami
Case Quantity 2/5LB
Hard Salami
Case Quantity 4/3LB
Cooked Pastrami
Sandwich Pepperoni

Taylor Pork Roll
(6 oz. pkg. 8 slices
Case Quantity 3/4LB
Pizza Pepperoni
1/2 lb. pkg.

Thumann Deli Products

Thumann's Deli Products are delivered to the store weekly by a Thumann's distributor.
Many more products are available than those stocked in the store.
The following are some of the Thumann's items stocked in the store:

Virginia Ham
Chicken Breast
Buffalo Chicken Breast
Sandwich Pepperoni
Sauerkraut Packages

In addition to the standard deli products, Thumann's has available products that are free of MSG and Gluten. There are also products free of nitrates, nitrites and other preservatives. Their product line is very complete. For additional information see their web site at

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